1-2 December 2021

Radisson Blu Atlantic
Stavanger, Norway


Event Preview Webinar

Taking place in the run up to Aero-Engines Europe 2021, we are hosting a preview webinar for the December event on 7 October, free of charge.

Thursday, 7 October - 3pm BST

An updated assessment on the state of the Aero-Engines market in 2021

Kick off your Aero-Engines Europe 2021 experience by joining Brian Kough, Senior Director, Forecasts & Aerospace Insights for a 15-minute data blast presentation, giving some key highlights ahead of the full forecast at Aero-Engines Europe.

This will be followed by a fast-three Q&A session where three of our conference speakers will be joined by James Pozzi, Aviation Week Network’s European MRO Editor for an assessment of the engines market in 2021. This webinar will provide some key insights ahead of the meeting in Stavanger, giving you a high-level overview of the challenges facing the Aero-Engines community as well as a sneak peek at the discussions taking place in Norway. The session will conclude by opening up for questions from webinar attendees.

Speakers Include:

Sabrina Bringtown

VP of Engine Material Policy & Cost Control
Air France Industries

Gijs Gielen

Director, Aftermarket Marketing
Pratt & Whitney

Brian Kough

Senior Director, Forecast & Aerospace Insights
Aviation Week Network

Klaus Mueller

Senior Advisor
AeroDynamic Advisory

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